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Specialist uPVC Fascia replacement services Leicester, Leicestershire & the Midlands




1. On arrival at your property, we set up our Easi-Dec systems around the building. This gives us a safe and secure platform to work from,       without the worry of ladders.

2. We remove and push back the first row of roof tiles. This allows good access to any rotten felt and fascia

3. We trim off all rotten felt and remove all rotten fascia and soffits. We also clean out all rafter ends.

4. We then add new noggins (picture left) to the existing rafters, string lining them to ensure all ends are level. We only use treated timber       for the noggins.

5. We then fix the Soffit to the new noggins.

6. The Fascia is then marked with a line from one end to the other, ensuring that all the pins are in line. The Fascia is then fitted to the new     noggins.

7. The Gutter is fitted with brackets attached every 800 mm. The Gutter is also string lined to ensure rain water runs correctly.

8. We install new plastic trays under the existing felt. We also install Birdcombe where needed. This is pinned to the trays and fascia.

9. Everything is sealed where necessary and then cleaned


The gallery above shows various properties that we have worked on recently.

Pictures 9 & 12 show two properties adjacent to each other that we worked on at the same time, the owners of the properties received a discount for the double order.

The quality  of our work guarantees that we usually are asked to quote other properties within the same street or road that we are working on.

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The Gallery below shows the whole process from start to finish

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